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Domain Name Asset Management  

Asset Management and Administration service

Active Online offers an administration resource for the entire range of tasks related to owning and managing a portfolio of domain names for your organisation.

Domain Asset Management

When it comes to managing your online intellectual property (IP) rights, we can assist you to consolidate your entire domain name portfolio in the most practical and cost-effective way. We check your domain portfolio for any obvious registration gaps and help you improve security through automatic renewal and constant monitoring. Essentially Active Online can take away the administration headache and the hard work for you. You'll retain total control of your domains, and be able to access your portfolio at any time.

Registration Support
Our experienced staff can advise you in regard to all legal issues and to allow you register your brands across all available domain extensions worldwide.

Consolidation of Names
Review and consolidation of your portfolio of domain assets to as few registrars as is possible and centralise to simplify future administration and management within a simple, project managed process

Renewal Management 
Ensure all your domain names are renewed on time .

DNS Hosting & Technical Management
If required we can host you domain names on our secure servers and provide you with technical management support.

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