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Flash Website Design

Engage your audience with audio-visual inserts that will greatly assist you deliver your marketing messages. When used judiciously, Flash animation and streamed video can be a very powerful communication medium that enhances the conversion power of your website without jeopardising its search engine optimisation.

We are experts in the creation of integrated flash-animated marketing messages and micro-navigation aids that will impress your customers and more importantly get your message across.

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With search engine optimisation and search ranking performance being key to the success of many websites, it is important to note that any barriers to 'spidering' will make your search rnarketing goals harder to achieve. Generally, websites designed totally using flash technology can be completely invisible to search engines. Inserting integrated Flash or other multimedia elements into CSS based designs will however add real marketing impact and maintain SEO integrity.

See example across where small amounts of Flash animation creates atmosphere, assist navigation and deliver strong marketing messages within CSS/HTML websites.


Flash Web Design integration Projects

Proxy biomedical features a flash navigation assistant to slideshow though products and entice path direction

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Proxy Biomedical
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Customer Website
Interactive Enterprise
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Customer Website
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