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Keyword Research

Website promotion

To bring potential 'buying' clients to your web site you need to rank well in the search engines for their chosen keywords, but which keywords and search strings will bring you the 'buying clients' and the best results?

Keyword Research

The answer is straightforward - keyword research. We gather a huge amount of search data from the list of top search engines about your business area. We meticulously order and rate this data using statistical analysis to produce the most popular search strings that people use when searching for your product or services. This data can then be optimised for use in your web page design to ensure that you get and continue to get a stream of potential 'buying' visitors.

What do we deliver?

  • A ranked list of the most popular search terms used by people looking for product or services that you supply.
  • A list of other recommended keyword sets
  • A list of search term/Keyword variations and synonyms

Proven Results

See for yourself how effective our service is:-


Chosen Search String
encaustic art dublin

Search Engines
(click on a search engine across to see results),,,,,