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Search Engine Promotion

Search Engine Promotion

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We work closely  with our Customers to implement and manage a comprehensive program of search engine optimisation, search engine submission and search engine promotion towards increasing visibility within Google’s local search results in Ireland for Irish business websites

Search Engine Promotion

Listed below are some of the activities we undertake as part of every web site promotion campaign.

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Ranking Position Benchmark Report.

A report intended to provide a current snap-shot of your ranking position across a number of leading search engines, directory and indexes. This report is intended as a benchmark against which future performance can be gauged.

Competitor Comparison Analysis

(a) Reports can include analysis of selected competitors. This report will help establish goals toward which your website must move in order to effectively compete.
(b) Analysis of the SEO techniques in use by competitors and their possible effectiveness

Critical Keyword Research & Selection

Relevance optimisation is generally only effective for a narrow range of ‘Key Phrases' within any promotion program. By focusing keyword optimisation efforts on critical keyword/phrase selections, the effectiveness of any promotion is increased.

Inbound Link Assessment

The key to good search engine ranking and increased “Page-Rank” is a strong inbound link campaign. However not all links are equal. Fewer high quality links are worth considerably more than numerous low quality links. By analysis, the quality of inbound links can be audited and advice given on more effective reciprocal link programs.

Effective Link-back Program development

Active Online will advise and assist your team to draw up and manage an effective link-back program that will have the long-term potential to greatly increase the importance (page-rank) of your website to search engines.

 Web Site Analysis & Technical Site Build Strategy

Your current website structure and build will be reviewed to establish recommendations for Search Engine Optimisation modifications required for optimum ranking potential. Every few months Active Online’s knowledge base with respect to search optimisation is increased. Ongoing review is therefore carried out so that the current build status can be assessed and a new and reviewed set of recommendations can be produced.


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Case Studies

Examples of Google page one rankings achieved for some customers. 



Click on any link below to launch a Google search and see where the customer website is ranked on page 1.

Car Parking Systems
Car Park barriers
Car Parking Systems
Security barrier
Automatic Doors
Revolving Doors
Video Door Phones
Audio Door Phones
Speed Enforcement



Click on any link below to launch a Google search and see where this customer website is ranked on page 1.

Wrinkle relaxer
Wrinkle filler
Mini lift
Cheek implants
Chin implants
BOTOX Fillers course
Facial plastic surgeon



Click on any link below to launch a Google search and see where this customer website is ranked on page 1.

Irish Butterflies
Butterflies of Ireland
Small Butterflies
Butterfly species