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Website Strategy Development

What are your online marketing and sales goals?

Your Web Site
Your 24 hour sales channel

For small companies in Ireland, web site design can sometimes be seen as unnecessary expenditure. However, for small and medium enterprises in particular, a professionally produced web site incorporating though-out marketing driven strategies can provide a substantial contribution to your business communication and sales efforts.

Website Marketing Goals

"The most important point is that your web site must serve your business development needs"

Firstly, your overall web site graphic design should be of a high quality finish to ensure that your company is represented credibly online. A professionally produced design using XHTML & CSS to W3C quality standards should be a basic requirement to create the proper environment within which to develop your online marketing goals and deliver maximum impact.

Secondly, your web design must be streamlined and optimised to allow your prospective customers (web site visitors) to travel the critical path to conversion as easily as possible. Conversion occurs, when a visitor to your web site performs a target action such as; making an online purchase, registering for service, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a brochure, completing an enquiry form or simply using published contact details to phone your company.

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White Board Sessions

An informal discussion among stakeholders

Active Online can help you and your team refine and prioritise marketing goals for your website project. Using an informal approach we can lead a group through a think-tank  and refine ideas into formal strategy documents and outline functional specifications.


Functional Specification Development

Wire frames, Use Cases, Draft Designs, and detailed  Specification  development

Active Online can pull together thought, ideas, methods and processes into visual representations backed by use-cases and detailed specifications to ensure that an efficient. accurate rapid application development takes place to meet and exceed actual needs.