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Web 2.0 web site design

Active Online specialises in the design and deployment of 'Web 2.0' websites and AJAX feature development..

Web 2.0 website design

By using Web 2.0 technology and methodology we are building the next generation of web sites that deliver higher response rates, greater customer interaction helping you to build stronger online relationships with your clients and customers.

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What is Web 2.0 web design?

Web 2.0 design utilises new AJAX technologies, improvements in HTML/CSS standards and greater browser capability to deliver a better customer web site usability experience enabling faster information interchange and functionality to users that was not possible as little as three years ago.

Give me an example

The 'Memo Pad'  functionality on our website is an example of a 'Web2.0' feature. Using JavaScript (AJAX) in combination with CSS we provide drag-and-drop functionality to allow you to note of items to your Memo pad as you browse our site. When you are finished browsing you can then send us the content of your memo pad as the basis of an enquiry about our services and have a sales representative call you back. (AJAX functionality allows us to transmit data without requiring a page refresh)  To test either drag a topic heading denoted with a green arrow, or click on any "add topic to memo pad" link to add an item to your memo pad).

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Example Web 2.0 Design, our home grown Web 2.0 SaaS application for the management of meeting rooms and other shared resources within the office environment is a full featured Web 2.0 AJAX website

web 2.0 design example
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Web 2.0 Design example is a fully enabled Web 2.0 portal and automated tendering website developed to the highest standard of usability and performance.

AJAX design example


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