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web audit and analysis

Website Auditing & Analysis

Expert Auditing & Analysis

Active Online offers an experienced and independent web site Auditing and Analysis service focussing upon website performance, optimisation, accessibility and standards compliance.

Marketing Analysis

Is your Marketing or Sales message being communicated adequately? Are the Marketing goals and calls-to-action on your web-site effectively laid out for optimum conversion?

We can work with you to establish and prioritise marketing goals for your website and help you achieve a higher conversion rate through judicious use of new media skills, improving tag-lines, copywriting and optimising layout.

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Usability Auditing

Often web sites that perform poorly have inherent usability issues. People might be having difficulty completing tasks, filling in forms, using applications or simply discovering where key information is located. Poor navigation layout and lack of usability testing contributes to these issues. 

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Accessibility and standards compliance

How well is your website built? Can it be accessed across all browsers and hardware platforms?  Is it accessible to the wider Internet community and works well on lower bandwidth connections?  How well does your website stack up to W3C WCAG standards and guidelines?

Does your website comply with Irish and EU company legislation? Does it comply with International legislation within the country your website is hosted or selling directly to?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audit

Find out if and what technical barriers exist with the style, structure and layout of your website that might impact upon effective search engine indexing and ranking.

- Technical code and design analysis
- URL, Titile, Headings and Tag audit.
- Keyword analysis and relevancy Audit
- Link checking, error checking

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Traffic and Statistical Analysis

Find out where your visitors are coming from, and how many leave straight away and why. . Find out which pages are working and which are not. Would you like to know which of your marketing campaigns work the best and which deliver little traffic. Is your traffic trend on the way up or going down?

Our consultants can analyse your server statistics and provide useful insights to assist you prepare more effective marketing campaigns, monitor the effectiveness of on-going campaigns, SEO work, and provide insight of how well your website is working for you.

- Google Analytics integration & analysis
- Web Trends integration and Analysis
- Marketing Campaign Monitoring
- Identify problems and make recommendations

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Example Website statistical analysis