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Website Content Management

Maintaining your own website.

It is important that website owners have the choice and are enabled to maintain their web site to ensure fast response cycles, keep budgets under control and actively participate in the development, relevancy and control of what increasingly becomes a very important sales and marketing tool for their business.

We provide three options for all our web design customers that can be used separately or in combination as required.

Low Budget Website Content Management

For customers whose development budget dictates a simpler static web design or 'brochure website', we build W3C compliant CSS based HTML web pages that can be maintained using Contribute CS4 (from Adobe Systems). Contribute CS4 content management system is a standalone PC based editing software  (costing approx  E180) that allows people not familiar with HTML, CSS, FTP, uploading or downloading to maintain their own web site easily. With a very low learning curve any member of your staff can be trained to keep your website up-to date.

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Integrated Content Management Systems (Built-in CMS)

For customers with more sophisticated website builds, i.e. shopping carts, online applications, quotation systems,  database backed websites and online catalogues, We generally build in Content Management  to allow our customers maintain their website information, manage their online order processing and control their systems. In such cases a password protected administration area is built directly into their website to facilitate full content management and systems administration using a standard Internet browser.

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Outsourced Web site administration, maintenance and technical support

Active Online also provides a full service website administration, maintenance and technical support service to all customers who have an ongoing and post-launch requirement for web site administration and operation. or for those who have frequent maintenance requirement but no technical in-house staff. Comparing the cost of employing a part-time or full-time web site administrator against using our outsourced maintenance service you will see that we provide a cost effective service and efficient service.

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Website Content Management for everyone

A frequent requirement of our small-to-medium sized customers is that they require the ability to manage their website themselves in an efficient and economical manner. A lot of web companies make a big deal of offering such a facility and tie their customers into more expensive and cumbersome back-end content management systems where it is totally unnecessary.

Customers with mostly static web-sites can easily maintain their web site themselves (with no requirement to have HTML or Web design expertise) using relatively inexpensive software such as 'Contribute CS4' from Adobe. Adobe Contribute CS4 retails at approx 180

Contribute CS4 is a content editor for static web site pages (pages that are NOT driven by a database). It's primary purpose is to allow you to update content on your site - images, photos and text. It is easy to use, intuitive and requires no training.

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