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website traffic evaluation

Web site Traffic Analysis

a 360 degree view of your website activity

Would you like to get know what your visitors are doing on your website? Where your website visitors are going? How they are arriving? Which of your marketing campaigns are delivering the best results?

Website Traffic Evaluation

Planning for success involves good preparation. By ensuring you have the means to mine website traffic data on your server and analyse it you will get the vital information you need to improve the performance of your website, set more effective marketing goals and convert more of your traffic to sales or enquiries.

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Google Analytics consultant

Analytics Consultants

If your current web-site statistics package is not up to the task or you don't know where to start, we can help. There are many more sophisticated software solutions to choose from, including the FREE Google Analytics service . Regardless of the solution chosen we can provide technical assistance on getting your analytics software properly integrated with your website and configured to monitor your important marketing/sales goals. We can analyse the data provided and advise you on appropriate actions to improve the conversion power of your website.

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Example Traffic Analytics Tasks

Data discovery.
Tracking of CPC Search.
Tracking marketing campaigns.
Visitor Segmentation.
Visitor Tracking.
Merchandise Reporting.
Conversion Analysis.
Revenue Tracking.
Search Engine analysis..
Trend Analysis.
Funnel Creation/Analysis
Testing web usability.
Click Fraud Analysis.
Keyword Research.
Measuring ROI.
Report Generation.


Benefits of professional web traffic analysis

Time wasted analysing data reduced.
More focussed reports.
Increased website conversion rates.
Improved market understanding.
Discover user patterns.
Know which parts of your site work and those that perform poorly.
Monitor effectiveness of search optimisation activities CPC campaigns.